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Film Production projects 

Music Videos

  • Artist Curtis Braly - "Love You Down" 

  • Artist Oscar de la Rosa and Shaila Durcal - "Que Hare Yo"

  • Artist Jake Rowley " A Little Mixed Up" featuring Darcy Jo Wood 

  • Artist Salman Mithani "Tu Jo Kahe" featuring Karan Singh Arora 

  • Artist Karan Singh Arora "Jaaniye Te Ja " featuring Carolina Gonzales and Victor Gelsomino 


  • Moet Champagne Spec Commercial - Producer Colin Njemanze 

  • Attorney Rachel Flores Commercial - Production - Mundo Latino Television

  • Baker Hughes Ge - Production - Tracy Evans Production-talent Nayeli Escamilla 

  • Norman Frede Chevrolet Commercial - Production- Carson Bonner

  • Film pilot "Cuda" - Production Team- Mark Clark, Barry Strickland, AV1 productions 

  • Nails Life Studio- commercial print work- Production - Neil Jou Productions

  • Can't Hang- commercial- Production- Lightning Strike Productions

  • B.Poshi by Beena Yusuf - jewelry shoot- Production Neil Jou Productions 


  • Accenture Project - Robert Everhart, Anthony Colby, Nishma Jean, Anne Jeanetta Lambert with AV1 Productions

  • Dr.Peacock & Dr.Grotta interviews - Production- Pioneer Road Linda Wu Min - Huzu Productions - Jeff Fountain

  • Neon Therapeutics - Dr. Jim Allison interview- Director Cameron Shipman - AV1 Productions

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